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ESD | Kansas City, MO

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Meet Our Sandler Team

We strive to be the best at what we do, and help you do the same.

Sandler Training in Kansas City

Effective Sales Development has been an authorized franchisee of Sandler Training in the Kansas City area for over 25 years, and helping business and individuals reach their full potential, exceed expectations, and greatly improve your life and business.

Steve Montague

At Sandler Training for the past 25+ years, Steve Montague combines his knowledge, experience, and unique perspectives with the proven Sandler Selling System to help our clients define and surpass their goals. Through his dedication, he has become Certified in Marketing & Sales, as well as a Sandler Training Certified Instructor. His ability to help clients turn their obstacles into opportunities to create success stories, is what sets Steve apart. Steve is passionately committed to helping businesses grow by growing the people inside them.

Contact Steve Montague (816) 522-8177

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Rick Burgess

Rick Burgess, a proud alum from Texas Christian University, joined the Effective Sales Team as Partner in 2020. An expert in all things Sandler, he was trained in and has applied the Sandler System for years before becoming a Certified Sandler Trainer and Managing Director himself. Rick brings over 25 years of experience in various capacities from Director of Sales to CEO, enabling him to train and coach at all levels. His dedication to helping our Sandler Clients achieve operational excellence is evident in his interactions and work ethic.

Contact Rick at (913) 956-1669

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Susan Meyerowich

Susan came to Sandler Training in 2021. Originally from New York and by way of 28 years of travels as an Army Spouse, she brings over 30 years experience with marketing, training and Program coordination. As the Manager of Marketing and Client Experience, she works hard to ensure all our Sandler Clients have a seamless, excellent experience while working various marketing channels to attract new clients.

Contact Susan at (816) 525-2500

Email Susan at

Laura Burmeister

Laura Burmeister, Certified Sandler Trainer, has a degree in Business Management and Exercise Science from Simpson College. She was a certified personal trainer and worked at the YMCA before joining Effective Sales Development in September 2010. Laura is a champion basketball player and made two Sweet 16 NCAA Div-3 appearances.
Laura, also Steve Montague's only daughter, has spent the majority of her life exemplifying the Sandler Rules. Laura has spent the last 11 years helping our clients grow and succeed as a trainer and accountability coach. She gets results using tough love and expecting the best of and for our clients.
Laura is currently only in the office on a very limited basis while caring for two daughters, Brynn and Brooke, and son Bruce, who take most (all) of her time. 

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