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Effective Sales Development, Inc. | Kansas City, MO

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Meet Our Sandler Team

We strive to be the best at what we do, and help you to do the same.

Owner & President of Effective Sales Development

Steve Montague

At Sandler Training for the past 20+ years, Steve combines his knowledge, experience, and unique perspectives with the proven Sandler Selling System to help you define and surpass your goals. Through his dedication, he has become Certified in Marketing & Sales, as well as a Sandler Training Certified Instructor. His ability to actively listen to you describe your obstacles, then show you how to turn them into opportunities, is what sets Steve apart. Steve is passionately committed to helping businesses grow by growing the people inside them.

Contact Steve Montague at:

Certified Trainer & Office Manager

Laura Burmeister

Laura Burmeister, Certified Sandler Trainer, has a degree in Business Management and Exercise Science from Simpson College. She was a certified personal trainer and worked at the YMCA before joining Effective Sales Development in September 2010. Laura is a champion basketball player and made two Sweet 16 NCAA Div-3 appearances.

Laura is also Steve Montague's only daughter and has spent the majority of her life exemplifying the Sandler Rules. Laura has spent the last 8 years helping their clients grow and succeed as a trainer and accountability coach. She gets results using tough love and expecting the best of and for her staff and clients.

She has 2 young daughters, Brynn and Brooke, that take most (all) of her time when she is not helping grow her Sandler team.


Contact Laura anytime:


Associate Partner

Christina DeShields

Christina DeShields, Sandler Associate Partner, has a degree in Business Management.  She was part of the Sandler training program for 2 years as a life insurance agent before joining the Sandler team.  She is driven by the success of others and works diligently every day to ensure an efficient and proactive experience for her clients. 

When not focused on her responsibilities here, Christina enjoys time with her 2 daughters. She has a love of wine and quality time with her sisters and mother which just happen to go hand and hand with visits to local wineries. Her lifelong dream is to own an Equestrian Therapy center to service the differently abled men, women, and children of our community.


Contact Christina anytime,


Associate Partner

John Boynton

John Boynton, Sandler Associate Partner, is also a current Intelligence Analyst for the US Air Force Reserve. He stays fairly active within the reserve, and frequently completes assignments in that role. Throughout his career with the air force, John has learned how valuable effective communication is, which prompted him to join the Sandler team. John's unique background gives him an expansive and flexible skill set that, when combined with Sandler training and resources, enables him to identify and effectively provide solutions to most problems that businesses face.

John has a passion for teaching and coaching communication skills and success principles for management, customer service, and sales as well as leadership. Focusing on where his clients struggle the most, John is dedicated to giving individuals and businesses the communication tools they need to succeed in order to break down their prospective barriers.


Contact John anytime,


Associate Partner and Certified Trainer

Cody Isabel

Cody Isabel, Sandler Associate Partner, has a degree in Neuroscience from Simpson College. As President of his fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega, Cody learned how to manage teams of people, and understands the problems business owners run into with their teams. Pairing this knowledge with the Sandler System allows Cody to effectively help business owners and their teams achieve higher levels of success.

Cody is dedicated to improving the lives of the people he interacts with by utilizing the Sandler System. Focusing on the attitudes, behaviors and techniques of his clients, Cody can help them understand where they can improve, and show them the path to success in their personal lives, and in their businesses.

Contact Cody anytime: 

816-505-2500 - Office

816-591-0756 - Cell 



Associate Partner

Eddie Herman

Eddie, is the newest member of our team.



Contact Eddie anytime,

816-505-2500 or Cell 816-558-1294

Mike Montague (Steve's Oldest Son)

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Dr. Ryan Montague (Steve's Son)

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