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Book A Sandler Trainer For Your Event

We have over 80 different prepared motivational speeches, but if you want something special for an event or audience, just ask. We cover almost every business topic!

Our Complete List of Prepared 30-Minute or 2-Hour Talks Includes The Following Topics:

Special Speeches & Workshops

  1. Why Salespeople Fail and What You Can do About It!
  2. Social Selling The Sandler Way
  3. Networking Works!
  4. Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone
  5. Creating a Killer 30 Second Commercial
  6. Improving Team Performance
  7. No More Cold Calls! Building A Prospecting Plan
  8. Strategic Customer Care
  9. Setting SMART Goals
  10. Scheduling YOU First
  11. Everything You Wanted To Know About Yourself, But Were Afraid To Ask! 
  12. The Psychology behind the Sale
  13. The Science of Hiring Smart
  14. Negotiating With The Savvy Buyer
  15. Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone
  16. Magical Formula for Success
  17. Understanding Yourself & Others (DISC)
  18. Motivating Yourself & Others (Values)
  19. Effective Decision-Making
  20. Pay-Time & No-Pay-Time Management
  21. You Can Only Manage What You Can Control
  22. Is it Time to Empty your Head Trash?
  23. Building Success from the Inside Out
  24. Beliefs Writing Workshop (Positive Affirmations)
  25. No Guts, No Gain Assertiveness Training
  26. The 21 Core Competencies of Effective Salespeople
  27. The Art of Mutual Agreement

Introduction to Sales (Sandler Foundations)

  1. Why Have A System For Sales?
  2. Improve Your B.A.T.ting Average (Behavior, Attitude, Technique)
  3. Keeping Prospects Comfortable
  4. Make the First 5 Minutes Count
  5. To Qualify or Disqualify
  6. Close the Sale or Close the File
  7. Using Product Knowledge Effectively
  8. Listening & Questioning Skills
  9. Stealth Selling
  10. Prospecting Behavior

Advanced Sales Topics (President's Club)

(A) Content Delivery (B) Role-Play Workshop

  1. Advanced Communication Styles (DISC)
  2. Understanding Workplace Motivators
  3. Personal Talent & Skills Inventory
  4. Salesperson Self-Assessment
  5. Why Have A System (A)
  6. Why Have A System (B)
  7. Your Record Collection - Fixing Broken Records
  8. Bonding & Rapport With Prospects (A)
  9. Bonding & Rapport With Prospects (B)
  10. Making Up-Front Contracts (A)
  11. Making Up-Front Contracts (B)
  12. Questioning Strategies (A)
  13. Questioning Strategies (B)
  14. Identifying Reasons For Doing Business- Pain (A)
  15. Identifying Reasons For Doing Business- Pain (B)
  16. Uncovering The Prospects Budget (A)
  17. Uncovering The Prospects Budget (B)
  18. Identifying The Prospects Decision Making Process (A)
  19. Identifying The Prospects Decision Making Process (B)
  20. Closing The Sale
  21. The Sandler Rules
  22. Creating A Prospecting Plan (A)
  23. Creating A Prospecting Plan (B)
  24. 30 Second Commercial Clinic
  25. Overcoming Call Reluctance & Making The Call (A)
  26. Overcoming Call Reluctance & Making The Call (B)
  27. Using The Appointment Getter
  28. Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone
  29. Improving Your Bat-Ting Average
  30. Applying Transactional Analysis To The Sales Situation (A)
  31. Applying Transactional Analysis To The Sales Situation (b)
  32. Setting Goals (A)
  33. Setting Goals (B)
  34. Developing Your Formula For Success
  35. No Guts—No Gain Part 1
  36. No Guts—No Gain Part 2
  37. Negative Reverse Selling
  38. Head Trash Removal
  39. Professionally Targeting Referrals

Management and Leadership (Strategic Management Solutions)

  1. Recruiting
  2. Hiring: Interviewing
  3. Hiring: Assessments & Decision Making
  4. Understanding Your People: I/R, Ta & Disc
  5. Understanding Your People: Communications
  6. Leadership Roles: Overview
  7. Leadership Roles: Supervising
  8. Leadership Roles: Coaching
  9. Leadership Roles: Training
  10. Leadership Roles: Mentoring
  11. Leadership Roles: Performance Evaluation
  12. Managing Work Relationships: Conflict Management
  13. Goal Setting
  14. Managing Organization Change
  15. Staging Effective Sales Meetings
  16. Territory Management
  17. Facilitating Account Management: Growth Strategies
  18. Facilitating Account Management:
  19. Managing The Proposal Process
  20. Improving Sales Team Performance:
  21. Providing Field Support
  22. Maximizing Personal Performance:
  23. Time Management & Delegation
  24. Maximizing Personal Performance:
  25. Scripting Your Adult For Success
  26. Positionalysis: Defining Your Ideal Organization

Customer Service (Strategic Customer Care)

  1. On The Frontlines
  2. Effective Communication
  3. Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone
  4. Up-Front Contracts
  5. Understanding Your Customers: Disc
  6. Questioning Techniques
  7. Up-Selling & Cross-Selling (Pain)
  8. Telephone & Email Communication
  9. Understanding Your Customers: Transactional Analysis
  10. Dealing With Difficult People
  11. Client Development Through Sales
  12. Formula For Success

Professional Services Industry (Professional Advantage)

  1. Overcoming the Stigma of Selling
  2. To Be OK or Not-OK
  3. Making Your Clients Feel Appreciated
  4. Can Asking Questions Be The Answer?
  5. Run Silent, Run Deep – The Sandler Selling System
  6. What You "I" Is Not Who You "R"
  7. What You Know Can Hurt You
  8. Negative Reverse Selling
  9. Who Said That? Transactional Analysis
  10. A Systematic Formula For Client Development

Business Networking (Networking Works!)

  1. Setting Smart Goals
  2. Preparing Your Foundation
  3. Defining Your Target Market
  4. Emotionally Engaging Your Network
  5. Identifying Key Relationships
  6. Joining Strategic Organizations
  7. Building Your Personal Board Of Directors
  8. Being Interested And Interesting
  9. Delivering Incredible Value
  10. Designing Your Referral System
  11. Following Up: Consistently, Constantly
  12. Tracking Your Results
  13. Being Accountable To Yourself And The Process

Or just about any other business topic you can dream up... We even take requests!

We give dozens of dynamic presentations every year at trade shows, Chambers of Commerce events, professional organizations, non-profit meetings and fundraisers, networking groups, and much more. We have entertaining and educational speakers that are prepared to bring a polished presentation, professional-level speaking, and valuable insights for your audience.

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